Monday, July 8, 2013

Kielbasa Potato Bake

Here's a fantastic recipe my sister-in-law shared with me a few years ago. 
It's super easy - just mix together 5 ingredients:
Mushroom Soup
Chopped Garlic
Bake and serve!
This is the dish my 6-year-old always requests for dinner, and it's sure to please Mr. Meat-And-Potatoes Allen as well.  Usually I'll use skim milk, low-fat soup, and lower fat turkey smoked sausage instead of traditional kielbasa for a healthier version.
 Just click here to download the recipe.

The only downside is that there's rarely enough leftover to make another meal out of it the next day.

Source: Sister-in-law shared from here on I've omitted the salt and pepper because frankly the kielbasa is spicy enough for my family, and we really don't need any extra sodium in our diet.

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  1. My husband will love this! Thanks for sharing another great recipe.